Saturday, September 26, 2009

Enter the Zebra Village, the Deaf, and the Monkeys...

The past two days have been a whirlwind!

We finally made it out to the project where we will be working. I don't think the word challenging quite covers what we will be experiencing the next couple of months; no electricity, a hole for a toilet, and a two hour commute to Nairobi. Eek! David has quite the vision for the orphanage! He took us on a tour of the land, which is about 20 acres, to give us an idea for what it will eventually look like. Given how passionate and driven David is, I believe he will accomplish it....but it will be quite a struggle. He wants to have solar power, water storage, animals, a garden, and much more. In order for them to become self-sufficient they will need a lot of money and a lot of help!

David took us to another project where he has volunteers working. It is an orphanage and school with up to 30 deaf children! I was so excited about this! I tried talking to some of the children but they were a little shy. Also, some of the signs were different. When they introduced themselves I thought they said, 'My name is not, so-and-so'. A bit confusing but at least my name sign (the name you recieve from a deaf person) isn't something embarassing. The children are brutaly honest about your looks and personality! From the moment we started our tour, to the moment we sat down to lunch, we had children hanging off our arms and grabbing our hands, smiling at us the entire time. Ah...I hope I can go back there again.

This morning, Julius and David took us to a local park where there are monkeys. David told us the monkeys would sit on our head, but we didn't believe him (just yesterday he told us he had seen a hippo on the side of the road and there wasn't). However, when David put a nut on Sara's shoulder, a monkey jumped right up there and ate it. To say Sara was surprised is putting it lightly! I happily took pictures while she stood with monkeys on her shoulder, grabbing nuts from her hand or her head. There were some classic facial expressions. The monkey's are forceful little suckers. One monkey pried my hand open and stole the entire bag!
Tonight we are staying with Julius' parents and going to church with him and his family. It should be fun even if it will be a 3 hour service. Then, tomorrow we head out to the Zebra village and get to work!

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