Thursday, September 24, 2009

Arrival to Nairobi

After a rather stressful beggining, due to checking luggage, and close to 22 hours of travelling, we are here! We were picked up at the airport by David who took us to his house for dinner. Though we were well fed on the flights, we happily ate what his niece made for us and drank some "Blood Juice" (for more information on this, see Sara's blog as I'm sure she went into full detail...) We drank so much, I'm pretty sure I almost burst. And Sara was convinced we would pee red.
Later on we had to take our bags up 4 flights of stairs (this took a couple trips since we have so much) to David's office where we stayed just for last night. The first thing David said to us was, "You have a lot of luggage!" And we agreed.
This morning, David and Julius brought us breakfast and what they call English tea which is basically water, milk, and sugar. I actually liked it! We went to the store to get some essentials where David laughed at us for bringing coffee all the way here. Apparently they drink it here too! : )
This afternoon we will be doing a sort of orientation and hopefully make it to the orphanage tomorrow. More to come later. Sara's giving me the "Wrap it up, Mathiesen" look. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers! I'm really excited to get to work!!

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